What is the value of Clean?

Employee absences due to illness cost American business dearly. According to research from The Integrated Benefits Institute, in 2012 employee illness reduced total productivity by $227 billion.
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Cleanpen® for Your School Office

Cleanpen by Cleanint
With so many people going in and out of school offices, they are prime centers for the spread of germs.
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If You Are Handling Money, Do Not Bank On Your Health

Scientists at New York University have successfully identified 3,000 different species of bacteria on a one dollar bill...
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Ambulatory Surgical Centers Germs and Bacteria are the Enemy

One of the problems that ASCs have to face is infection control. Germs and bacteria are the enemy and ASCs must take careful measures to prevent the spread of infection and sickness at their facilities.
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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How Frequent Hand Washing Can Protect Against Ill Health With new diseases only a plane ride away, the U.S. is set to team up with 26 other countries to improve infectious disease monitoring and prevent the spread of pre-existing and emerging diseases. Although less than one-fifth of
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Sickness in the Doctor’s Office

Don’t Let Pens Infect Your Patients According to ABC News[1], the doctor’s office is one of top places for contracting germs. After all, while the doctor’s office is the place patients go to get healthy, these offices are full of other sick people that may not pay attention to good hy
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The role of new technology for cleaning pens in stopping the spread of colds and flu

Of all the objects that we share during the day, pens hold a special place in our culture. There is no other device that has proven so necessary for the flow of business, which is handled for such extended periods and is routinely brought so close to our faces. We use shared pens to s
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What We Cook With

As volatile as germs, as worrying as any virus you can catch by touching filthy, shared objects like pens, chemicals should concern anyone, especially if a product you buy to protect your body and your health is laden with them. The fast-acting solution in the Cleanpen is (deep breath
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CHANGE ONE THING, CHANGE EVERYTHING – An American Journey to Safe Care

Victoria and Armando Nahum are directors of the Safe Care Campaign. The Nahum’s founded Safe Care Campaign in 2006 after three members of their family, in three different hospitals in three different states, within 1 years’ time all became contaminated while being medically treated fo
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