What is the value of Clean?

Employee absences due to illness cost American business dearly. According to research from The Integrated Benefits Institute, in 2012 employee illness reduced total productivity by $227 billion.
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Benefits of the Cleanstethoscope for School Nurses

Schools have a reputation for being a petri dish of germs, and for good reason. According to WebMD, children’s germy habits and the close contact of kids make schools perfect for spreading sickness. In fact, studies done by the University of Arizona found that germs congregate on comp
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Cleanpen® for Your School Office

Cleanpen by Cleanint
With so many people going in and out of school offices, they are prime centers for the spread of germs.
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CleanRemoteUV Offers an Infection Prevention Solution for Medical Waiting Rooms

CleanremoteUV by Cleanint
Television remotes tend to harbor germs, whether they are located in a home, a hotel, or in a medical waiting room. In fact, since most remotes have not been designed for easy cleaning, remotes may harbor bacteria that spread infection, even in medical facilities that have professiona
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Improve Customer Service at Your Hotel with CleanRemoteUV

In the past, the hotel industry has used a standard of visual assessment when determining the cleanliness of rooms. However, that standard no longer meets customers’ expectations, especially with recent studies that show how many germs may be lurking in hotel rooms. The visual assessm
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If You Are Handling Money, Do Not Bank On Your Health

Scientists at New York University have successfully identified 3,000 different species of bacteria on a one dollar bill...
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Ambulatory Surgical Centers Germs and Bacteria are the Enemy

One of the problems that ASCs have to face is infection control. Germs and bacteria are the enemy and ASCs must take careful measures to prevent the spread of infection and sickness at their facilities.
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Cleanstethoscope Keep Your Pediatric Patients Healthy

If you are running a pediatric practice, keeping your young patients healthy is a top priority. Unfortunately, research conducted by the University Of Iowa College Of Medicine showed that kids have an increased risk of sickness after visiting the pediatrician. The study, published by
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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How Frequent Hand Washing Can Protect Against Ill Health With new diseases only a plane ride away, the U.S. is set to team up with 26 other countries to improve infectious disease monitoring and prevent the spread of pre-existing and emerging diseases. Although less than one-fifth of
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