It's Simple — It's Clean

What does “It’s Simple — It’s Clean” mean? This is at the heart of everything we do. It means solutions that perform without getting in the way. It means the ability to work and play with complete peace of mind. It means learning from each other and improving quality of life through innovation. 

Since 2009 we have provided easy to use solutions for everyday challenges. We develop products to serve the needs of consumers, corporations, schools, hospitals and government agencies. 

You deserve the gift of health, so every one of our products reflects “It’s Simple – It’s Clean.”

Cleanint® began with a singular concept:
It’s Simple — It’s Clean.
This principle is at the heart of everything we develop. It means innovative products that perform flawlessly without getting in your way. It means practical solutions to let people work and play with complete peace of mind. It means learning from our customers how we can improve the quality of their lives through thoughtful designs.


Our Advisory Board of domain experts offer active guidance to help build your business. Our Advisory Board provides Cleanint® and our partner companies with real-world operational insight and guidance on strategic direction. Our Advisory Board members have a broad range of highly specialized knowledge and strategic, operational expertise in our respective focus areas. The Advisory Board augments our internal resources to achieve our vision of being the preferred catalyst for creating great products.

Joseph Dasta

Franck Guilloteau

Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem

Dr. Bob Harding

Dr. Benjamin Tanner

Rodney E. Rohde

It's Simple - It's Clean

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