Are Dirty Remote Controls Ruining Your Vacation?

Remote being used

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Worried about picking up germs from your hotel bed or toilet? According to studies done in hotels across the country, your worries might be misplaced. One of the most common hot spots for germs in hotel rooms is the humble remote control, and it could be ruining your vacation or business plans.

Germs hidden in plain sight

Remotes are one of the most commonly handled items in any hotel room, and the germs hiding on them could make your stay an unpleasant one. Not everyone washes their hands before handling the remote control, so it’s not surprising that bacteria from fecal matter and other aerobic bacteria can be found on most hotel remotes. These bacteria can cause sickness ranging from mild stomach upset to more serious illnesses like gastroenteritis. Any sickness on vacation or a business trip is unpleasant and certainly unwanted, but not unavoidable.

Remote being used

The costs

For vacation travelers staying in hotels, an illness can be more than an inconvenience. It can ruin a much anticipated holiday experience and cost the sufferer time and money spent on trying to feel better. Families travelling with small children are particularly at risk, since germs such as staphylococcus and streptococcus, both of which were found on remotes in the Houston study, can cause serious illnesses in children.

For business travelers, a germ picked up from a dirty remote could cost their company in lost time, missed appointments and time spent in a doctor’s office seeking care. Business travelers who become sick may have to pay for their illness even after the trip has ended, with large bills from out of network physicians and even continued illness once they’ve returned home.

For hotels, sick guests certainly won’t help a hotel’s reputation. Visitors are quick to lay blame when there is a perceived lack of cleanliness in their room that they can associate with their illness, and with overworked cleaning staff trying to clean too many rooms too quickly, it can be easy to blame the hotel for their discomfort.

Real solutions

While proper hand washing is crucial to good health, hotel guests shouldn’t be expected to take responsibility for sanitizing their surroundings when staying in a room. It’s up to the staff of the hotel to ensure a safe and healthy stay for every guest, but how can that be achieved when cleaning staff are already overwhelmed? Innovative solutions from Cleanint could be the solution hotel owners have been looking for.

Dirty remotes don’t have to be a risk to travelers when items such as Cleanint’s CleanremoteUV are used. The super-efficient technology behind the UV cleaning device can eliminate 99% of the dangerous germs commonly found on hotel remotes without any damage to the remote control itself. Unlike toxic chemical cleaning solutions, the CleanremoteUV is completely safe for both the remote control and the person using it.

Don’t let a dirty remote control ruin a perfectly good business trip or vacation; ensure a clean remote every time with the CleanremoteUV by Cleanint.

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