CleanintUV is Healthy Hotels Certified®

Healthy Hotel Certification

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Healthy Hotel Certification

Cleanint® is proud to announce the CleanintUV is a Healthy Hotels Certified® product. When you stay at a Healthy Hotels Certified property, you are assured of a clean and hygienic stay and an easy breathing night’s sleep, with all carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings being hygienically sanitised to Healthy Hotels Certified® standards for your peace of mind.

The Healthy Hotels Program is an initiative which provides guests with the assurance of a clean and healthy guest room. Member properties are regularly assessed and certified to be clean, healthy and safe by modern toxicology standards. Member properties are then promoted through the Healthy Hotels Program distribution network.

  • Property certification for healthy rooms
  • International distribution paths to drive guest bookings
  • Endorsed by key tourism industry bodies including AAA Tourism
  • View this short video to learn the benefits for your family’s health and the environment.

“The major trends we’re observing are that travellers value cleanliness above all else and are becoming more environmentally conscious … “
– Director of Communications, TripAdvisor

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In a small experiment performed by our team, the disparity among CleanintUV and other market products was made very clear. The same dosimeters, using equal time, were used to measure each products UV-C output. Our CleanintUV offer up to 7 times more millijoules of UV-C light than other brands.


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