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School offices are high traffic areas since many students, parents and teachers frequent the office throughout the school day. With so many people going in and out of school offices, they are prime centers for the spread of germs.

Of course, studies already show that the gathering of children in schools is a prime source for infections in the wider community. According to studies by the University of Arizona in school classrooms, top contaminated sites in schools include water fountains, computer keyboards, library and cafeteria tables, and faucets on bathroom sinks. Students touch these highly contaminated surfaces throughout the day and may then enter the school office, spreading bacteria to its surfaces.

Germs that can cause infection also lurk in school faculty break rooms. Another study by the University of Arizona looked at office break rooms and found that microwave door handles, sink faucets and refrigerator door handles were highly contaminated. Teachers and other school staff members may head to the break room and then into the office, bringing bacteria with them.

With so many people bringing germs into the school office, it’s important to ensure that surfaces are disinfected regularly and tissues and hand sanitizer are available to help prevent the spread of sickness. However, many school offices overlook one surface that harbors germs – office pens. School offices generally offer pens to students, parents, and other visitors. Unfortunately, these communal pens may harbor a significant amount of bacteria that could spread sickness.

In a study testing public surfaces, the University of Arizona found shared pens to be one of the most germ-infested public items. Researchers noted that germs on these surfaces could live as long as several weeks. This means that bacteria could be living for weeks on communal school pens.

What can schools do about dirty pens in school offices? Cleanint offers a solution for dirty pens with its Cleanpen. This product is a special penholder that sanitizes pens when the pen is placed back into the holder. The penholder includes a sponge that contains a special cleaning solution that eliminates viruses and germs. Replace sponges regularly, ensuring that pens continue to be sterilized when placed into the Cleanpen holder.


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