Convenient pen sanitizer

Cleanpen is a pen holder and sanitizer that eliminates bacteria and viruses from the surface of writing utensils and styluses.  It is effective, safe, and simple to use, and refills last 2 – 4 weeks depending on use.  Fits most pens up to 14mm diameter.  Notch provides addtional 4mm of clearance for pens with clips.

Click here to download Efficacy and Safety Data Sheet.


1. Place a new sponge with the slit facing up into the Cleanpen.


2. Place the top back onto the Cleanpen to close the device.


3. Use as a holder for your pen, pencil, stylus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cleanpen is a pen holder and pen sanitizer that eliminates bacteria and common viruses on pens.

Surprisingly, germs and viruses can live for extended periods of time on inanimate objects. According to research by the Mayo Clinic, some influenza viruses can live for up to 48 hours on objects such as pens, styluses, doorknobs or other commonly shared surfaces.

It simply replaces your current pen holder while cleaning it at the same time. There is nothing to do except choose a location if you are using a Cleanpen.

A Cleanpen unit contains a specially-formulated sponge refill designed to dispense our unique cleaning solution to a pen’s surface, thereby eliminating germs on contact.

While the unit itself is designed for many years of use, the sponge refill should last approximately two weeks, and sometimes longer, depending on use.

It’s time to refill when you can no longer see a very fine film of fluid coating a pen after passing it through the unit.

1. Unsnap the top half of the unit.
2. Remove the sponge from the shell.
3. Insert a fresh sponge refill.
4. Snap the top and bottom halves together. That’s It!

Yes. Upon request, Cleanint will send you refills on a regular basis to ensure that you always have Cleanpen refills available to use.

No. Cleanint’s proprietary cleaning solution is alcohol-free.

Yes. Cleanint’s unique cleaning solution is safe for everyone, including children and women who are pregnant.

For example, Allegheny GeneralHospital in Pittsburgh would have made a profit treating a 37-year-old video programmer and father of four who was admitted with acute pancreatitis, but the economics changed when the patient developed an MRSA bloodstream infection. He had to stay in the hospital 86 days, and the hospital lost $41,813, according to research by Richard Shannon, former chairman of the Department of Medicine at Allegheny.” Link to source

By preventing one person from getting an infection, you have just paid the cost for having a Cleanstethoscope a hundred times over.

Unfortunately we do not provide samples. You can order the starter kit which will include the Cleanpen product and several refills at a reduced price. Please contact us for pricing information.


Cleanint products are distributed by several national distributors. Please contact us if you have difficulty locating a distributor. If you know a distributor you feel would benefit from carrying the Cleanint products, please drop us a note and we will be happy to reach out to them.



Yes. The Cleanint Corporate Marketing Partnership programs offers several options for purchasing products at quantity discounts. Other options such as distributing licenses and a co-branding Cleanint products are also available here.

Yes. There is a distributor option of our Cleanint Corporate Marketing Partnership programs that can be tailored to the needs of the service industry. More information about distributing and co-branding Cleanint products with your corporate logo is available here.

Keeping employees healthy is a smart cost-saving measure. It is estimated that, on average, each sick employee costs a corporation $1,100 in compensation, medical costs and lost productivity3. Annually, lost worker productivity due to employee sickness comes with a $250 billion price tag for U.S. companies. For pennies a day, Cleanpen is a smart investment that pays big dividends.

Customers appreciate businesses that go the extra mile. By utilizing Cleanpen in areas where your employees interact with the public, you clearly communicate a focus on customer service that goes above and beyond what your clients are accustomed to.