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If you are running a pediatric practice, keeping your young patients healthy is a top priority. Unfortunately, research conducted by the University Of Iowa College Of Medicine showed that kids have an increased risk of sickness after visiting the pediatrician. The study, published by the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiologyjournal, showed that the risk of contracting infections after visiting a pediatrician’s office increases by 3.2%.[1]For pediatricians treating children with compromised immune systems, the risk of contracting an infection in the pediatrician’s office is even greater.

While this does not mean that parents should stop taking their children for wellness visits, it does mean that pediatricians need to work harder to keep offices a safer place for young children, taking action to reduce the spread of infection in clinics and waiting rooms. Following a strict hand washing policy in the office is one method that can reduce the spread of germs in the office, since the hands contact many surfaces and are used to examine patients. Even among non-medical office staff, following a strict hand washing policy can reduce the chance of spreading infection and sickness to your young patients.

Of course, hand washing is only one step that pediatrician offices should be taking to keep pediatric patients healthy. One new study, conducted by University of Geneva Hospitals’ researchers and published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings medical journal, found that stethoscopes may carry more germs than a physician’s hands.[2]The study showed that the diaphragm of the stethoscope showed more contamination than most areas of the hands after examining patients. The findings show that after even one physical examination, contamination of the stethoscope occurs and may result in transmitting bacteria to another patient.

With these new studies showing the dangers of dirty stethoscopes may pose for patients, pediatricians need to take measures to ensure stethoscopes are sterilized after each use to avoid transferring potentially deadly bacteria between patients. Cleanstethoscope offers a solution to this problem, sterilizing the diaphragm of the stethoscope after each use.

Cleanstethoscope cleans the diaphragm each time it is slipped into the device, which contains a germ-killing sponge that lasts 10-12 hours. Every time the stethoscope’s diaphragm is placed in the Cleanstethoscope chamber, germs are eliminated, making it safe to use the stethoscope on the next young patient without worrying about transmitting dangerous diseases.

By following important hand washing procedures and using products like the Cleanstethoscope, pediatricians can reduce the risk of spreading disease and sickness among pediatric patients.

[1]Feb 16, 2014, “Trip to the Pediatrician Increases Risk of Disease For Kids, Family Members; But Should You Worry?”

[2]Feb 28, 2014, “Stethoscopes Could Spread Hospital Infections”

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