Franck Guilloteau

Franck Guilloteau

During the past 20 years with HCC Corporation, Franck Guilloteau has led multiple projects, spanning industry segments from healthcare and consumer products to software and fitness. He has assisted in development of the Spectrum Systems™, which is used by global suppliers as part of their production solution development. As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Guilloteau takes the lead role in developing the knowledge management systems used by HCC’s global partners, while keeping HCC equipped with technological advancements in multimedia, IT, e-commerce, and product development.
Mr. Guilloteau is also Director of TMIT, a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to driving adoption of high-impact clinical solutions in patient safety and healthcare performance improvement. He leads all operations serving TMIT in Austin, Texas, and coordinates activities related to TMITs research and scholarship programs. Most recently, he has led the Greenlight Program, a national effort focused on building business cases and clinic-economic models to “green-light” quality and patient safety investments. Over the last three years, Greenlight has targeted healthcare-acquired infections, and now focuses on over-use, misuse, and underuse of imaging studies using the 5 Rights of Imaging™ as a framework. He also leads the team involved in the building and maintenance of SpeakerLink™, a website where healthcare organizations can find and engage patient advocates focused on improving caring in their communities. He has been involved in the Leapfrog National Quality Forum Safe Practice Leap and TMIT High Performer Program, which produces a yearly updated survey, with relative weighting framework and ranking system, to measure the progress of all hospitals toward performance improvement objectives focused on patient safety issues. In addition to his expertise in engineering and product development, he speaks three languages fluently. And received a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and subsequently pursued a fellowship in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in product development.

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