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In the past, the hotel industry has used a standard of visual assessment when determining the cleanliness of rooms. However, that standard no longer meets customers’ expectations, especially with recent studies that show how many germs may be lurking in hotel rooms. The visual assessment standard cannot detect viruses and bacteria, which may spread sickness to hotel guests. Hotel guests have many hotels to choose from today, so hoteliers need to begin improving customer service, specifically room cleanliness, to draw in more customers.

Top Contaminated Surfaces in Hotel Rooms

Recent studies done by the University of South Carolina and Purdue University tested hotel rooms for total aerobic bacterial levels, as well as fecal bacteria levels. While most people expect to encounter germs in the bathroom, these studies found that TV remote controls and light switches in hotel rooms were two of the most germ-ridden surfaces. Light switches were found to have the highest levels of colony-forming units (CFU) of bacteria, but television remotes were not far behind. Hospital standards for infection control recommend that surfaces only have 5 CFU of bacteria per cubic centimeter squared as an upper limit. In this study, hotel television remotes had an astounding 67.6 CFU of bacteria per cubic centimeter squared.

General Cleaning May Not Be Enough

Unfortunately, while housekeepers generally spend around 30 minutes cleaning every guest room, it may not be enough to eliminate the germs lurking in rooms at hotels. High contamination levels were also found on housekeeping cleaning carts, which means bacteria could be transferred between rooms. New research may be able to help hotels ensure their cleaning crews target the most contaminated areas of hotel rooms and should help housekeepers take measures to reduce cross-contamination.

Taking Hotel Cleanliness to the Next Level

Some hotels, such as Best Western, are already taking hotel cleanliness to the next level to improve customer service. Best Western provides ultraviolet light wands and black lights for housekeepers, allowing them to easily spot germs, making it easier to destroy them. For hoteliers that want to assure guests that remotes are clean and safe, CleanRemoteUV offers an excellent investment. Offered by Cleanint, CleanRemoteUV cleans dirty remotes with UV light, eliminating germs and reducing the spread of infection. The product fits most remotes and comes in several styles, making it easy to find a style that fits in with the hotel room’s decor. Since more customers are concerned about cleanliness in their hotel room, CleanRemoteUV offers an excellent way to improve overall customer service, resulting in more loyal and happy customers.



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