• Cleanint refill bottle 8oz
  • Cleanint Refill Bottle 8oz
  • Cleanint refill bottle 8oz
  • Cleanint refill bottle 8oz BZK front
  • Cleancard being refilled
  • Cleanhands being refilled

Cleanint Refill Solution

Cleanint solution come in 8oz bottles with a specially designed cap for easy use. These refills bottles are used to refill the Cleanpen, Cleanhands or Cleancard. You can order IPA 75% or BZK. Photos shown only include the bottles and not the appliances.


How much solution do I need?  Each 8oz bottle will fill a Cleanhands 6 times, or a Cleanpen 10 times, or a Cleancard 4 times. BZK will last weeks in the Cleanpen and Cleancard, but Alcohol will dry out quickly and need to be used more often.Which solution should I purchase?  It's a matter of personal use and preference. Alcohol has an instant kill rate, but evaporates quickly. BZK continues to fight germs and bacteria up to four hours after it feels dry, and may last weeks, or even months in your Cleanint device (depending on use).