What You Don’t Know About Hotel Cleaning

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When it comes to cleanliness and sanitation, the hotel industry is filled with dirty little secrets. From reports of hotel maids cleaning coffee pots with the same towel they just used to wipe the bathroom floor, to bed sheets that are only cleaned three or four times a month, it seems the average hotel room is a minefield of germs and hidden toxic hazards.

However, even in hotels where the cleaning staff doesn’t engage in such blatantly unappealing practices, there are still many objects and areas that can harbor potentially dangerous numbers of bacteria and other germs. According to a study by Purdue University and the Universities of Houston and South Carolina, bathroom floors, light switches, and remote controls were three areas that commonly harbored high numbers of bacteria, including coliform bacteria associated with fecal matter. While the bathroom floor may be an obvious location for bacteria, the key aspect of the other objects is not their proximity to the toilet, but their frequent use by every guest who enters the room. The next time you check into a hotel room, try to spend the first hour taking note of every object you touch. Switches, handles, and remotes are likely to be at the top of that list, and if you’re touching them regularly, every person who’s stayed in that room before you did the same thing.

Hotel guests can protect themselves by bringing sanitizing wipes or even using simple soap and water to wipe down all commonly used surfaces as soon they check in. While this can be an effective strategy for handles and light switches, even the most diligent amount of elbow grease is going to have a difficult time properly sanitizing an object like the remote control, with its tiny buttons and plethora of nooks and crannies. Fortunately, solutions like Cleanint’s CleanintUV are available to meet this need. By utilizing ultraviolet radiation, CleanintUV can ensure that the remote control is thoroughly sanitized and reach places that liquid cleanser may not be able to.

It can be a good idea for guests to bring along other products, like the Cleanpen, to sanitize dirty pens and other communal items in the room. In an ideal world, every hotel room would be fully and completely sanitized between uses, but in the real world, guests may need to take it upon themselves to practice good sanitation and cleaning in order to forestall infections and sickness caused by hidden germs.

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