"Here is just one example of how you can utilize the Cleanpen to assist you in keeping your Voters and Elections Personnel safe from infectious diseases such as COVID-19, the Flu or the common cold."

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The staff at Cleanint would like to take this opportunity to say “Thanks” to all the Texas Counties that have taken the lead in ensuring the safety of the voting public.  2020 has been a monumental year that has seen enormous change and stifling obstacles thrown into our lives.  The 2020 Election is no different and has been impacted in ways, that in the past, we never had to think about.   The following Texas Counties have partnered with Cleanint to take the current obstacles out of the voting process as much as humanely possible.  Brazos, Dallam, Franklin, Harris, Mitchell, Montgomery, Rusk, Tarrant, and Williamson Counties have implemented processes that are meant to ensure that the voting process is as safe, if not safer, than any other time in history.  It has been said that “Perception is Reality”, by implementing our Cleanpen and Cleanhands into their processes, reality is safer than the perception for the voting public. These counties have thought outside the box and came back with answers that will be used for years to come.

At Cleanint, we have been thinking of impacting obstacles since 2009, infectious obstacles that is. We welcome the opportunity to partner with anyone that wishes to make their “reality” safer than the “perception”. This is a dynamic time for all of us, change is being thrown at us every day, together we can change the way we fight infectious diseases. Keep your hands clean, stay a safe distance from each other, wear a quality mask and look at partnering with us to help keep you safe in these troubling times  Visit our website at Cleanint.com to see how we can partner with you.  At Cleanint, “It’s simple-It’s clean” is our motto and we create simple products to keep you safe. Click on the following video to see how together, we can change your
perception to be a safer reality.

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Cleanpen is a pen holder and sanitizer that eliminates bacteria and viruses from the surface of writing utensils and styluses.  It is effective, safe, and simple to use, and refills last 2 – 4 weeks depending on use.  Fits most pens up to 14mm diameter.  Notch provides addtional 4mm of clearance for pens with clips.

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Cleanhands is a mobile hand sanitizer clip with replaceable cartridge to protect you when and where you need it.

Easily dispensed with a single hand and can be kept on any strap, belt, purse, backpack, etc.

Filled with standard alcohol sanitizer, the cartridge dispenses approximately 375 sprays. The refill cartridges can be easily snapped out and replaced to keep you protected.