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You may be shocked to learn what is living on your television remote control. It should be no
surprise though, when you think of all of the different hands who may touch it on any given day. Germs and bacteria are spread because people touch unsanitary objects and do not wash their hands afterwards. Regular hand washing is the key to preventing the spread of these types of germs in the first place.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Virginia, TV remote controls contain a staggering amount of germs and bacteria on them. This issue is of greatest concern when traveling, as health is easily compromised in these types of situations.

CleanintUV 3 Units

People staying in hotel rooms and passengers on cruise ships are two groups at particular risk for object contamination. Even if something looks clean, it can still harbor significant microbial populations. You could be staying at a seemingly spotless 5-star hotel, but if proper disinfecting procedures are not implemented, you may still contract a sickness from touching germ-laden locations.

You might think that “sterile” places such as hospitals can be excluded from these statistics, but no such distinction exists. According to a recent University of Arizona study, more than 2 million Americans get serious antibiotic-resistant infections such as MRSA during hospital stays. Even more surprisingly, most of those germs were found on commonly used hospital room objects like TV remotes and light switches.

UV Light and Germs

High-frequency UV lighting has the ability to kill more than 99 percent of disease-causing germs and bacteria. For this reason, ultraviolet lamps are commonly used in places like sewage treatment plants and hospital “clean rooms.” In places where it’s absolutely crucial that the environment is germ-free, UV light has the ability to make it happen without the use of harmful chemicals.

Why is this information so valuable? Cleaning products that are commonly used to disinfect surfaces leave behind chemical traces which are inadvertently absorbed by the body. Most importantly, chemicals do not have the ability to completely destroy germs like UV light can.

How It Works

CleanintUV is compatible with 99% of remote control models. You simply place the remote control within the CleanintUV device cradle and CleanintV does the rest. The compartment closes on its own before the UV exposure begins, and opens again when the treatment is complete. When it has finished, you can immediately take the remote out to use it, or just keep it stored in the cradle until you need it. The great thing about the CleanintUV is that it has a sleek and sophisticated look which compliments any décor. The manufacturer Cleanint will even allow you to customize the color of the unit if you so desire.

Additional Products

If you appreciate the concept of the CleanintUV, Cleanint has a complete line of germ-killing devices. They offer similar products to remedy the problems of dirty pens, tablets, iPads, and many other objects. Cleanpen, Cleanstylus and Cleanstethoscope offer the same germ-killing technology as the CleanintUV.

Any place where a TV remote control or other shared object is present can benefit from a Cleanint UV solution. No matter what the nature of your business is, feel good about promoting good health and proper cleanliness procedures through the use of Cleanint products.


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